Bechuanaland Protectorate

Bechuanaland (English: Bechuanaland ) was a British protectorate in the field of since September 30, 1966 the Independent State of Botswana. Bechuanaland had an approximate size of 582,000 km ². Extra-territorial capital of the Protectorate was Mafeking.

The spread of British imperialism in Southern Africa and the newly established Boer republics in South Africa were a constant threat of Tswanagesellschaften. However, the latter also meant that the leaders of the Tswana states together drew more and eventually formed an alliance.

On September 30, 1885 the territory of present-day Botswana by the British Government has been declared a British protectorate. This gave British protection against the raids Afrikaner settlers. But the background for the British decision was the changing geo-strategic situation in the region and the discovery of mineral resources, such as gold.