Beckingen Saarland is a municipality in the district Merzig- Wadern - located about 30 km northwest of Saarbrücken. It was created in 1974 as part of the administrative and territorial reform of the villages Beckingen, Düppenweiler, provision, Hargarten, Haustadt, Honzrath, Oppen, Reimsbach and Saar rock.

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  • 5.1 Sons and daughters of the town


Municipal districts

The community is divided as follows:

  • Beckingen
  • Düppenweiler
  • Furnish
  • Hargarten
  • Haustadt
  • Honzrath
  • Oppen
  • Reimsbach
  • Saar rock (former name to 16 May 1923 Fickingen )


The territory of the municipality was already settled around 1800 to 1200 BC of Christ, which was determined on the basis of excavations. The Romans developed the birth of Christ the area transport links. 1048 the place Beckingen was first mentioned by Archbishop Eberhard of Trier in a document. After today's municipal area previously was under the German Order, the majority came ( with the exception of kurtrierischen villages) with the Peace of Nijmegen 1678/1679 to France. Already in 1697 Louis XIV lost the territories that belonged to Lorraine, but again. After the death of the duke of Lorraine Stanisław Leszczynski, Lorraine came (and thus also Beckingen ) in 1766 again to France, which in 1794 also kurtrierischen places Düppenweiler and Oppen occupied. After the defeat of the Napoleonic Empire, the entire territory of the Rhine Province was assigned and thus belonged to Prussia. After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles ordered the today's community property (except Oppen, which remained at the German empire) to the Saar, which was placed under League of Nations administration. Following a referendum in 1935, the entire Saar returned to the German Reich.


On January 1, 1974, the previously independent municipalities Düppenweiler, provision, Hargarten, Haustadt, Honzrath, Oppen, Reimsbach and Saar rock were incorporated at the Saarland district and municipal reform.


Parish council

Since the local elections of 7 June 2009, the council is composed as follows:

  • CDU - 16 seats ( 45.5 %)
  • SPD - 12 seats ( 34.7 %)
  • Left - 3 seats (11.3%)
  • FDP - 1 seat ( 5.4%)
  • Green - 1 seat ( 3.1%)


Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on January 8, 1975 by the Home Office.

Blazon: " em; top right and bottom left in silver a continuous black cross, top left and bottom right in black a five-pointed gold star, surmounted by two golden roses. "

Culture and sights


  • List of monuments in Beckingen
  • Station Beckingen (Saar)
  • Saar Garden Beckingen
  • Saar sculpture garden Beckingen


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hellmuth Heye ( born August 9, 1895 † 10 November 1970 at Mittelheim ), German Military (Vice Admiral ) and politician ( CDU), Member of Parliament, military officer of the German Bundestag
  • Johannes Mischo ( born August 8, 1930 † 16 August 2001), parapsychologist
  • Johannes Reiter (* April 22, 1944 ), German Roman Catholic theologian and retired university professor of moral theology
  • Nicholas Carpenter, a former member of the Saarland regional parliament and the German Bundestag, Honzrath