Bed and Breakfast

As a Bed and Breakfast ( also Bed 'n' Breakfast or short form B & B) is referred to in English-speaking countries, a property with private persons in the price of a mostly hot breakfast is always included. The B & B corresponds most closely the accommodation category offered as a private room in the German-speaking countries. A pension or private guest house, however, operates in the English speaking mostly under the term Guest-House, in such a "guest houses" breakfast is not often included in the room rate.

The term B & B is called next in the English-speaking world, regardless of the type of accommodation operation, also the mode (plan) of the bed and breakfast - in contrast to night without breakfast, half board (half board) and full board (full board). For the purposes of language use can be found mainly in the U.S. and in South Africa often small but commercially operated Bed and Breakfast Inns or similar. , Which have some excellent quality and high-priced offer night only with breakfast and no restaurant.