Bed base

Slatted, mentioned in some designs also sprung wooden frame, called an assembly of the bed that supports a comfortable couches and thus represents an important prerequisite for a restful sleep. The term " bar " refers to the perpendicular to the long side of the frame -mounted blocks, which form the support for the mattress in its entirety. Is the wood version of such a bar today usually consists of six to seven layers of glued laminated timber.


Beds had previously simple boards as a mat under the mattress or the straw. The overall elasticity for relaxing reclining position of the sleeper was a function of the mattress. The document did not yield.

With industrialization, these documents were regional differences often replaced by stable wire mesh ( wire mattress) or spring frame. The mattress is made of a wire mesh of the wire parts, which are suspended by means of metal springs along elastically. The slightly more expensive wire mattresses ( spring framework ) have guyed in metal arches wire springs, which cushion the braid vertically. Against noise in the suspension load can be isolated by small leather disks. In addition, a stable blanket was already on the metal still down, and then the actual mattress. Depending on the structural interpretation of this document brought a recognizable elasticity share for the chairs and increased sleeping comfort. Disadvantage of this document was that after some time of using a hollow form (usually in the hip area of the footwall ) was born. The need for restful sleep relieve the spine was not achieved.

The company Lattoflex, Bremervörde, invented the slatted 1957. The slatted frame has now prevailed, especially in Europe. Mechanical advantage is the distribution of the elasticity feature on many individual strips. In each body region is used to adjust the degree of elasticity.

In the USA, the box spring is widespread.

Basic Structure

A slat having a stable rectangular frame (wood, metal, plastic) that is slightly smaller than the inner dimension of the bed frame. In this frame rails are usually made ​​of wood, mounted in special cases, from fiber-reinforced plastic. As attachment is usually an elastic plastic holder ( loose bearing ). The strips can be defined (eg hip) single or double in areas of higher body weight.

Objectives of the slatted frame

  • Ventilation of the mattress
  • An elastic mounting of the people who takes into account body shape and weight of the footwall ( ie to store both in the supine and in the lateral position to relieve the spine straight). (Joint function with the mattress )


  • The initial development of the slat has brought the possibility of individual line support. The bars offer through their rectangular arrangement for sun position each special spring behavior in their area. However, the relatively rigid wooden slatted base can not absorb all the peculiarities of the body shape and the - weight. Today's high- tech materials such as glass and carbon fibers have allowed for further development. Modern bed slat bases have a very high density of contact points that the body adapt ergonomically flexible and support him so accurately.
  • To allow relaxing special bearings, the allocation of the slat in movable segments was developed ( back, lower leg, upper leg area) based on experience with the treatment of sick people. In the early years, these segments were manually adjustable with body strength. Today, more and more slats are equipped with one or more electric motor drives. ( See also care bed. )

Combination of bed and slatted

The slatted frame is inserted loosely into the bed frame. Of the bed frame has this stable conditions at a height which receives the complete slat and a portion of the mattress. ( Maßbeispiel for the selection of a slatted frame: Nominal size of the bed 200 cm × 90 cm internal dimensions equal to the bed frame outer dimensions of the slatted base, for example, 198 cm × 89.5 cm. ).

Relation to other areas of life

When people realize after bed rest, that sleep was not restful, the wrong interpretation of the combination of base and mattress can be the cause. The consequences can be " non -rested " next to the classic and back pain, his back pain to headaches.

For root cause analysis of the way both to the specialist as well as to independent product specialists should lead. The independent experts should be noted that the market for mattresses and bed is highly competitive. In addition to the classic scientific sleep research, the developing and manufacturing industry has placed with targeted lobbying on the information market. Manufacturers have institutions and associations on the theme of " Healthy Sleep " was founded, the products have been tested and certified. Here you should know that there are between these certificates and the certificates of truly independent institutions: may be differences (eg Stiftung Warentest).


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