Beeline (brand)

Beeline (Russian Билайн ) is next to Mobile TeleSystems and MegaFon one of the largest mobile operator in Russia and other CIS states. The brand name Beeline belongs to the company Wympel - Kommunikazii ( Вымпел - Коммуникации ) or however short VimpelCom VimpelCom usually, a public company headquartered in Moscow.

The company was founded in 1992 by Dmitri Zimin and began in the same year in order to offer tentatively mobile services in Russia, then still under the now-obsolete AMPS standard. In early 1993, VimpelCom received an AMPS license for the Moscow area and began thus to expand the network. In August 1993 the company made ​​her first appearance under the brand Beeline. 1997, the company began to move to the GSM standard. As early as 1999 Beeline became the leading mobile operator in the Moscow region; In the same year it began as the first mobile operator in Russia to sell prepaid packages. 2002, the range of services to multimedia messaging service has been completed.

In 2006, Beeline was active as a mobile service provider in 78 regions of Russia as well as in six other successor states of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The total number of customers amounted to approximately 55 million, including 48 million in Russia, corresponding to a market share of 32 percent. The company's turnover in 2006 increased year on year by 51 percent to 4.87 billion U.S. dollars (USD).

On 16 November 2006 the Armenian mobile operator ArmenTel was acquired for $ 341.9 million to 90%. The shares were previously used in the Greek OTE. In addition, VimpelCom debt of $ 40 million pledged to take over. The remaining 10% of ArmenTel held by the Armenian government. In 2008 the name was changed in Beeline.

Beeline participates in the frequent flyer program Miles & More part of Lufthansa. This can earn bonus miles with Beeline Members of the Miles & More program.

As part of the mobile - fixed network convergence succeeded Beeline to 2009 with 7.5 million joinable and 724,000 connected fiber-to -the-home households Russia to put almost from the state to the forefront of international statistics. This may be because that, according to Boris NEMSIC in Russia fiberglass simplified as overhead line of building may be relocated to the building.