Bega (Werre)

The Bega in Bad Salzuflen shortly before it flows into the Werre

The Bega is a 43.9 km long, orographic right or Werre eastern tributary of the Lippe district of North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany. It flows in the Lippe Uplands and is in the catchment area of ​​the river Weser. Its catchment area covers 376.7 km ².


The Bega rises in the eastern part of the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park / Eggegebirge southeast of the core city of Barntrup. Your source is located in the northern part of the city Blomberger forest between the near Steinberg ( 281.6 m above sea level. NN ) in the north- west and the mountain birch ( 296.2 m above sea level. NN ) in the south to about 238 m above sea level. NN.

First, the predominantly running in the east-south - west-north- west direction Bega flows north parallel to the course of the federal highway 1 from river kilometer 43 it turns to the west and south does not flow until at Barntrup over and then through the western southwestern districts.

After this happened the Bega Bega the parish seat of the municipality Dorentrup, tangent to the Dörentruper Humfeld district in the south, passing through the Wendling Hausener local situation Spork wood in the south and the Dörentruper nucleus in the north.

On Lemgoer city takes the Bega north of the hamlet Voßheide the Passade on and flows through the Lemgoer nucleus. After the open out coming from the north Ilse they affected the south district Lieme where it is fed to the Oetternbach coming from the south.

From here on the Bega flows toward the northwest and flows through it, the Bad Salzuflen district Schötmar to the bathroom Salzuflen core city of the commencement of flowing from the north salts slightly south-southwest of the city center at the Werre river kilometer 30.3 in the coming there from the south Weser- tributary Werre at about 71 m above sea level. To open sea.


In the upper reaches of the Bega meanders strong and is in near-natural state. In addition to extensive book collections and other source areas to find rare plants and animals. Therefore, the Begatal was completed in 1996 under nature protection.

It includes the approximately 21 -km-long section of water and valley area of Bega with a size of 497 hectares of the source areas in the city Blomberger forest to lock Brake in Lemgo. The Bega is moderately polluted almost throughout the course and, therefore, the water quality class II associated. Only between the Lemgoer industrial area west of the central city and the mouth of Ilse water quality is slightly worse. The Bega shows here critically polluted ( water quality class II -III).

Flood protection

At the Bega rapidly accumulating, severe flooding may occur. Therefore, a flood control reservoir with a storage capacity of 2.582 million m³ was southeast of Bad Salzuflen created in 1997. It keeps water back from a 294 km ² catchment area and to protect against flooding Bad Salzuflen and Schötmar.


Nearby, the Weser -Renaissance castle Brake and Brake Mill Museum at Castle are.


From the mouth of the Bega in the Werre in Bad Salzuflen Werre would henceforth actually be called " Bega " because the Bega has up to this point, a larger stretch of river - namely 43.9 km - than the Werre - 41.6 km - kilometer and also performs on average slightly more water than the Werre.


The following table contains a selection of Bega inflows - listed in order from source to mouth. Called each case the orographic situation, the mouth position, stating the stationing kilometer, the length, the size of the catchment area, the mouth height and the water code.