Beggerow is a municipality in the northern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located south-east of Demmin and belongs to the Office Demmin country, which has its administrative headquarters in Demmin. Until July 1, 2004 Beggerow belonged to the Official Borrentin.

Geography and transport

Beggerow is located about ten kilometers south of Demmin and 15 kilometers northeast of Stavenhagen. Federal highway 194 runs west of the community. Through the municipal area of ​​the Augraben flows.


  • Beggerow
  • Buschmühl
  • Gatschow
  • Glendelin
  • Johann height
  • Kaslin


Beggerow 1279 first mentioned. From the 13th to the 15th century belonged to the Good ritterschaftliche the Mecklenburg family of Voss. They were followed by the family of Podewils 1495-1849. Walzengut Then it was until it was settled in the 1920s. Eleven farms were located.

The place had a water mill that gave the place its name. It was later converted into a paper mill. The Good Buschmühl previously belonged to the family of Walsleben who also owned the estate Leistenow. This was followed by the families of Bolte, von Heyden - 1825 to 1945 between was briefly the family of Neumann - Cosel owners because they belonged to the female line of Heyden. Since 1936, then was Bogislaw von Heyden to the land reform in 1945 owners of the domain Leistenow, the goods Buschmühl and Gatschow were associated Pertinenzen.


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  • Natural Monument chalk floe Alt- Gatschow
  • Church Beggerow: Gothic stone church, the core was from around 1300, after the destruction of the Thirty Years War in 1737, the reconstruction with the flat-roofed nave, the three-sided choir 's degree and the west tower.
  • Windmill Beggerow

Church in Beggerow