Beggo, Count of Toulouse

Beggo I., called (* 755/760 † October 28 816 ), also Bego, Biego or Picco, was the second son of Count Gerhard I of Paris, the ancestor of the Matfriede, from his marriage to Rotrud.

In the year 806 he was appointed by the Emperor Charles the successor of William of Aquitaine and used as Count of Toulouse ( Comes Tolosanus ). Up to 811 remained Beggo Count of Toulouse and Marquis ( marchio ) of Septimania. However, when in the year 811, his older brother died, Count Stephen of Paris, he became his successor and until his death in 816 held the position of the Count of Paris.

Marriage and issue

After a first marriage to an unknown woman he married around 806 Alpheidis ( probably * 794, † 23 July after 29 May 852), an illegitimate daughter of the later Emperor Louis the Pious, from the family of the Carolingians, and was in his last years a confidant of the new emperor, in whose vicinity he already was, when Louis was still king of Aquitaine.

Had Beggo from his first marriage, a daughter, Susan, who married 825/830 Wulfhard I.. Their common son, the Count Palatine Adalhard was 882-890 also Count of Paris.

From his second marriage to Alpheidis Beggo had two sons:

  • Leuthard, (c. 806, † 861/871 ), Count of Paris
  • Eberhard, (c. 808, † 861/871 ), ∞ NN

House Convent of Beggo the monastery was " Fossas ", which he had a player to fix. After Beggos death in 816 was Alpheidis abbess in Reims convent of St. Peter, which she had received, as a gift from her father, Emperor Louis.