Behrendorf, Schleswig-Holstein

Behrendorf (Danish: Bjerndrup, Frisian: Bjarntoorp, flat: Beerndöörp ) is a municipality in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Behr village is situated about 15 km northeast of Husum between Viöl, Sollwitt and Bondelum on the Schleswig 's Geest.

Agriculture and Energy

Behrendorf is a strong agricultural community. In addition to the predominant milk production is the energy from wind and biomass (two biogas plants ) is important.


Known far beyond the municipal boundaries is Behrendorf for horse breeding and equestrian sports. The local " Riding and Driving Club Upper Arlau ", the annual number of tournaments, with international participation, aligns, has contributed with its many assets to prominence. Another reason for the nationwide especially among horse connoisseurs awareness Behr village is taking over the patronage of the great jumping tournament by the Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Peter Harry Carstensen.