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Beiarelva (also Storåga ) is a 56 km long river in the municipality Beiarn in Fylke Nordland. The river has its origin in the upper Beiardalen in Saltfjellet -Svartisen National Park. The river follows the main valley in Beiarn and empties into the Beiarfjord at Tvervik. Larger tributaries are Gråtåga and Arstadelva from left and Tverråga, Tollåga, Store Gjeddåga from the right.

In the Beiarelva salmon and sea trout are caught. In addition, the river has a lake trout population, but which is fully protected since 2008. The river has a salmon - leading distance of 27.5 km from the mouth to after Høgforsen at Tolla. In addition, you can also find on a river distance of 3 km of the creek Tollåga and 0.6 km of the creek Store Gjeddåga salmon. In 1981 the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus salaris was found in the river. This led during the 1980 years to a strong decrease in the salmon population in the river. In 1989, the salmon fishing was banned in the Beiarelva. The river was treated with rotenone in 1994. 2001, the salmon parasite was not found in the river and the salmon fishing allowed again.

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