Beierstedt is a municipality in the district of Helmstedt in Lower Saxony.

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Beierstedt lies south of the nature park Elm Lappwald. The community belongs to the Samtgemeinde Heeseberg, which has its headquarters in the town of Jerxheim.


In 1146 the church was first mentioned as Bergerstede.


Parish council

The municipal council of Beierstedt consists of seven council women and councilors.

  • CDU 3 seats
  • WGB 4 seats

(As at municipal election held on September 10, 2006 )


Mayor is Brigitte Stolte.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 19 August 1965 the President Brunswick administration.

The Silver Wolf, who then jumps in the upper half of the green shield Beierstedter coat of arms, comes just as the red lily in the lower silver box from the arms of the extinct family of Brunswick citizens Beierstedt. The wolf in its coat of arms could, however - so that's not visible - have been a dog. Anyway, it was defined in the municipal coat of arms as a wolf. The lily was in the Civil silver crest in red; to distinguish it from the latter and to improve the color balance of the colors have been changed.

The City Council adopted the coat of arms on September 16, 1964. Coat of arms was designed by the heraldist Philipp Schmidt.

Economy and infrastructure


Beierstedt lies west of the state road 244, as well as at the former railway line of Brunswick- Wolfenbüttel - Helmstedt, which was operated until early December 2007.


August Vasel, (* 1848, † 1910) was a world traveler, thousands of objects from the fields of art, history, anthropology and archeology has collected. On display are the pieces in the Herzog Anton Ulrich- Museum in Braunschweig.