Beimerstetten is a municipality in the Alb -Donau-Kreis in Baden- Württemberg.

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Geographical location

Beimerstetten is on the Ulmer Flächenalb, about ten kilometers north of Ulm.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by Westerstetten and Wyke, on the east by Bern city and the city Langenau, to the south by the city of Ulm and to the west by thorn city.


The commune includes next Beimerstetten the part places Hagen and Eiselau.


First documented in 1377, the place appears to have been founded in late Frankish period to 900-1000 AD. After the opening of the railway line Stuttgart -Ulm in 1850 Beimerstetten became known as the last stop before Ulm and the highest point Albübergangs ( 587 m). The 31 -meter-high steeple of the Protestant church of St. Peter is the most visible indicator of the place. In recent years, the community, conditionally transformed by the convenient location and proximity to the regional center of Ulm, from a former agricultural town into a modern residential community with a wide range of jobs.


The community belongs to the Agreed administrative community thorn city. The only point of application of the VG is the creation or update of the Land Use Plan.

Parish council

The council are after the local elections of 7 June 2009, in addition to the mayor as chairman still 13 members. The SPD had teamed up with the BWV to list " Active citizens for Beimerstetten " ( BfB ) and Alliance 90/The Greens have placed no more list. Thus, only the list of the CDU and the BfB was a choice, thereby reducing the effects of the spurious part of site selection was attenuated and the number of seats is reduced from previously 18 to 13.

The elections were 5 seats at 37.5 % of the vote for the CDU and 8 seats at 62.5 % of the votes for the BfB.

Culture and sights

The area offers many opportunities for cycling or hiking - known is the nature reserve Hagen Tobel.

Economy and infrastructure


The Beimerstetten railway station is on the railway line Stuttgart -Ulm. Supra-regional road connections are made via the nearby motorways A 7 ( Langenau ) and A 8 ( Ulm-West ) and the Federal Road 10


In Beimerstetten there is a primary school. In the neighboring town of spike there is a secondary school, a secondary school and a special school. All secondary schools are in the near Ulm available.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Walther slide (1896-1960), chemist, SS brigade leader, NSDAP Gau Economics Adviser and Deputy of Albert Speer, the Reich Ministry of Armaments