Belalp is a nightmare and holiday development in the political community in Naters Brig district in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.


The Belalp is located five kilometers north of Naters, on the southern flank of Unterbächhorn ( 3'554 m above sea level. M. ) and Sparrhorn ( 3,021 m above sea level. M. ), on a terrace.

World Heritage

On 13 December 2001 the Belalp was included into the World Heritage by UNESCO, with the Jungfrau- Aletsch- Bietschhorn.


The Massa Gorge is a 6.5 km long gorge, which is one of Blatten near Naters and in which the dam is located Gebidem. The rock landscape was created over millennia through ice and meltwater. The difference in height of the gorge is 600 meters. 1385 is the Bisse Riederi that runs through the Massa Gorge, first mentioned. The water was passed in wooden Kännel to the rock walls. The construction and maintenance of the irrigation channel was life-threatening and repeatedly demanded fatalities. Today the Massa Gorge is a destination for hikers and adventure seekers. In addition to the Massaweg high above the gorge you can climb through the canyon canyoneering.

Where once crossed the Aletsch glacier on foot, now faces a suspension bridge. The ongoing climate change has the Aletsch glacier melt. Due to the decline of glaciers annually up to 30 meters a crossing at that point was impossible for a long time. The old trail was renovated again and the duration of the crossing thus reduced from eight to five hours. The connection to Riederalp is ensured by this suspension bridge. The path leads down to the " Aletschji ", from there into the " Leng field " and after the bridge Grünsee Riederfurka.

Also had to be rebuilt because of glacier melt the way to Oberaletschhütte. East from the cable car station Belalp performs a dirt road up to the Aletschbord, where the Hotel Belalp, a chapel and an observation deck on the Aletsch Glacier are. The route leads from there first steep descent on the " Steigglen " and the old path. Continue along the slope on the southern old moraine of the upper Aletsch Glacier, down into the gorge. After crossing the bridge, then rises up to the northern, old moraine. From here the trail over the moraine leading up to their end and then steeply up to about 2600 m. ü. M. ( opened in 2005 ) after about five hours on the new path you reach the Oberaletschhütte. Set within the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau-Aletsch, 2640 m. ü. M., offers a view over the Valais Alps.

From Blatten near Naters ( 1,300 m above sea level. M. ) performs a cable car up to Belalp. It overcomes at a slant length of 1767 meters, a vertical height of 763 meters and can carry a maximum of 740 people per hour.

Every year in late August, the shepherd weekend takes place, a celebration to mark the Alpabtriebs the sheep.

The ski area extends from 1300 meters. ü. M., up to 3112 m. ü. M. and includes three chairlifts and five ski lifts. From the mountain station of the Hohstock lifts can be reached by a ski tunnel to the piste. About a downhill run, which serves as a sledge, you can go from the Belalp back down to the valley station in Blatten. Every year in January, the witches departure takes place, a Swiss national ski races.


The Alpe is managed by a Senntum.