Belaya River (Kama)

The Belaya river system of the Volga

The Belaya in Ufa

Catchment area of ​​the Belaya with inflows

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The Belaya (Russian Белая, Bashkir Ағиҙел, Tatar Агыйдел / Agidel, Udmurt Тӧдьы Кам (all about " White River " ), mari Ош Виче ( "White Vyatka " ) ) is a left and with 1430 km length of the largest tributary of the Kama in European part of Russia.


The Belaya rises in Bashkortostan in the southern Ural Mountains, east of the Iremel massif. They first flows towards the southwest, before they pivoted around about 10 km northeast of Kumertau north. Along its course it flows through, inter alia, the cities of Salavat, Sterlitamak and Ufa, where it receives the waters of the Ufa and the Djoma. In its further course to the northwest it meanders very strong, before it flows near the border of the autonomous republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan in the Nischnekamsker reservoir, which was created by damming the Kama.