Belgian Warmblood

The Belgian Warmblood in Dutch Belgian Warmbloedpaard ( BWP) is a young horse race, with the creation of both the equestrian and the warmblood breeding in Belgium was settled.

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The Belgian Warmblood is a large framed, standing in the modern sport horse type animal which is, however, in comparison to other copies of international sport horse breeds in caliber and size rather about, as far as the needle to settle below the average.

The neck and shoulder are formed in accordance with the requirements of a jumping horse. The well pronounced withers, the strong and viable back, sufficiently deep chest and strong, slightly sloping croup underline the suitability for use in international sporting events. The extremely stable foundation has good strength. The hooves and joints are large, lightly feathered hardly exists.

The mechanism is sufficient in gaits walk and trot. The canter is promoting and jumping ability pronounced above average.

Breeding history

The history of the Belgian Warmblood is quite young. After the First World War the decision was taken to establish the breeding its own new race, equestrian sport and warmblood breeding in Belgium. The project was interrupted by the Second World War and included the continuation again only in 1950.

Especially noteworthy here is the commitment of Pastor André de Mey, who was a strong supporter of rural breeding and equestrian sports. With the import of breeding animals from the Netherlands ( Gelderland ), Germany ( Hanover ) and France ( Normans ) first breeding attempts have been made. Later they introduced the breed further imports in the form of outstanding stallions and mares to many, so quickly success has been achieved. The offspring of the breeding animals were subjected to a performance test and by selection was a steady improvement in quality can be achieved.

This performance was later improved by the introgression of Holsteiners, further Hanoverians, Thoroughbreds, and some stallions from France, the Netherlands and Westphalia.

The monitoring and organization of today's internationally competitive race, is the responsibility of the Belgian Breeding Association Belgian Warmbloed Paard based in Oud -Heverlee.

Pictures of Belgian Warmblood