1 USD = 1.97 BZD (fix)

1 EUR = 2.6989 BZD 1 BZD = 0.37052 EUR

1 CHF = 2.2059 BZD 1 BZD = 0.45333 CHF

The Belize Dollar is the currency of Belize.

The dollar was introduced in 1864 when the country was still under the name British Honduras was a British colony. 1973, with the name change of the country to Belize also the currency in Belize dollar has been renamed.

The value of the Belize dollar is coupled since its introduction directly to the U.S. dollar. 1 U.S. $ equal to 1.97 BZD. The country is in fact always been calculated using an exchange rate of 1 to 2.