Belize national basketball team

The Belize National Basketball Team of Lords represents Belize in international basketball games. The Belizean association occurred only in 1973, FIBA and the first significant participation of a national master in an international tournament was the alignment of a CARICOM championship in 1998 with three other Anglophone Caribbean national teams which Belize won as hosts. After participating in the Central America Championship in 1999 they took part in the championships of the Spanish-speaking Central American mainland zone of the continental federation FIBA Americas and was able to qualify (the Championship of Central America in the narrow sense ) in 2010 for a second time for Central America Championship. A qualification for a continental or even global finals did not succeed so far.

Among the more well-known international players of Belize include all in Los Angeles, California -born, former NBA pros Marlon Garnett, Milt Palacio and Noel Felix.

Performance in international competitions

Olympic games

Never qualified

World Championships

Never qualified

America Championships

Never qualified

Pan American Games

Never qualified

Central American Championships