Bell Aliant

Bell Aliant Inc. is a Canadian telecommunications company. The company's headquarters is spread over several locations in the Atlantic provinces. The company employs approximately 9100 employees and serves the eastern part of the country. Bell Canada has 44 % stake in the company carries out the operational businesses.


The company finalScore 1999 from the merger of the four largest telecommunications companies in Maritime Telephone and Telegraph Company ( MT & T), Iceland Telecom, New Brunswick Tel ( NBTel ) and Newtel Enterprises. Out of the four provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Iceland, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.


The company markets its products and services under the brand " Bell Aliant " in Atlantic Canada and under the brand name " Bell " the eastern part of the province of Ontario and Québec. In Atlantic Canada, the company high - speed internet and telephone networks, IPTV and cable TV operates. Launched in mid-2009 Bell Aliant its fiber network. Mid-2011 were connected to the new fiber optic network around 294,000 homes and businesses. Until the end of 2012 to gain access to the new fiber optic network around 600,000 customers.

The company provides services for:

  • Fixed telephony,
  • Mobile ( Bell Mobility )
  • Internet
  • IPTV and digital television.