Bell Media

Bell Media is a large Canadian media company with headquarters in Toronto, which is part of the telecommunications company Bell Canada. The company produces current TV shows and operates a network of television and radio stations in Canada. The company also operates several Internet portals.


Bell Media Television

  • CTV, Canada's largest and oldest private television station network consists of 21 broadcast stations ..
  • CTV Two a second television network, which was introduced in 1995. CTV Two has five terrestrial transmitting stations in Ontario, one in Alberta and one in British Columbia and a transmitter which is fed via cable in Atlantic Canada.

Furthermore, Bell Media Television operates 30 cable television channels are operated partly in cooperation with U.S. media companies.:

  • Sports Channel: The Sports Network The Sports Network 2, Réseau des sports and more with ESPN
  • Music station / youth channel: MuchMusic, MTV, MTV2, as a licensee of Viacom ( MTV Networks)
  • Thematic channels: Discovery Channel, History Television, and other channels, as a licensee of Discovery Communications
  • News Channel: Business News Network, CP24, CTV News Channel
  • Comedy Channel: The Comedy Network and Comedy gold, and Comedy Central
  • Entertainment Channel: Bravo! and E! As a licensee of NBCUniversal
  • Other stations such as: Space

Bell Media Radio

By Bell Media Radio Bell Media is the fifth largest Canadian private radio operators by Astral Media, Newcap Broadcasting, Rogers Media and Corus Entertainment.

Bell Media Radio features a transmitter stations in the portfolio (excerpt):

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