Belmont- sur- Buttant is a commune of 285 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district of Saint- Dié -des-Vosges, founded the Canton Brouvelieures and on the 1998 Association of Municipalities Canton de Brouvelieures.


Surrounded by forests municipality in the western foothills of the Vosges is located about 20 kilometers southwest of Saint- Dié -des-Vosges and about 25 kilometers northeast of Epinal. By Genmeindegebiet the eponymous Ruisseau de Buttant, a small stream which drains through the Mortagne and Meurthe to the Moselle flows. The village is a semi-circle surrounded by extensive forests ( Forêt de communale Belmont, Forêt de communale Brouvelieures Forêt de communale Domfaing, ) that run along the mountain ridges. The highest point is the Tête de la Clochette ( 668 m) in the southeast of the municipal area. In the west, the striking, 444 m high Haut de Belmont tower, the - was chosen as the site for the church of Saint -Laurent - located exactly in the middle between the municipalities of Belmont, Domfaing and Vervezelle.

The settlement structure of the community in Belmont- sur- Buttant is very loose, a distinct village does not exist, only around the Town Hall ( Mairie ) is the cultivation of a little denser. The municipality adjacent to the district Machitour include numerous small especially named and unnamed hamlets and isolated farms.

Neighboring communities of Belmont -sur- Buttant are Bois -de- Champ in the northeast, Biffontaine and Les Poulières the southeast, La Chapelle- devant- Bruyeres in the south, Bruyeres in the southwest, Vervezelle in the west and Domfaing in the northwest.


1867 Belmont was named auxiliary sur- Buttant and now bears its present name.

1867 was Belmont- sur- Buttant of the following hamlets and Relocation:

  • Haut-de -Belmont (86 inhabitants)
  • La Streille (53 inhabitants)
  • Machifour (53 inhabitants)
  • Pré- Mugeon (24 inhabitants)
  • Champs- Chaudière (23 inhabitants)
  • Derrière la Fête (22 inhabitants)
  • L' Arnelle (19 inhabitants)
  • Romainfaing (18 inhabitants)
  • Mézis Grands Prés (16 inhabitants)
  • Le Sauvageon (14 inhabitants)
  • Périfontaine (13 inhabitants)
  • Rozé (8 people)
  • Le Coqxé (4 people)

From 846 acres total were 190 hectares of arable land, 135 acres of meadow, 403 acres of forest, 111 hectares ( fruit) gardens and 6 acres of wasteland.

There were a mill, a factory for the production of starch and four workshops.


1710 Belmont had just 109 inhabitants. During the 12th year of the Revolutionary calendar ( 1803/1804 ), the population had climbed to 475 in 1830 there were 498, in 1847 already 552 1867 Belmont still had 492 inhabitants.


  • Parish church of St. Lawrence ( Saint -Laurent ) for the three communities Belmont, Domfaing and Vervezelle on the Haut de Belmont; the rust in the municipal coat of arms symbolizes the martyrdom of Saint Lawrence of Rome

Pictures of Belmont-sur-Buttant