Belogorsk, Amur Oblast

Belogorsk (Russian Белогорск ) with 68 249 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) is the second largest city in the Amur Oblast (Russia). It is situated on the Tom River, about 100 km north-east of the situated on the Chinese border city of Blagoveshchensk and Oblasthauptstadt. Belogorsk is the administrative seat of the homonymous Rajons, but does not belong to himself, but report directly as a city district of oblast.


Belogorsk 1860 under the name Alexandrovskoe ( Александровское ) was founded. The construction of the Trans -Siberian Railway in 1913 led to the establishment of a railway station, which helped the city to an upswing. 1926, the settlement was raised to the city and was named Alexandrovsk -na- Tomi ( Александровск - на - Томи ). In 1931 it was renamed the Krasnopartisansk ( Краснопартизанск ) and 1936 in Kuibyschewka - Vostochnaya ( Куйбышевка - Восточная ) until the city in 1957, finally got its current name.


Note: Census data

In the 1989 census 89.7 % of the population were Russians, 6.1% Ukrainians, 1.2% Belarusians, and 0.6 % Tatars.


Of great importance for the city is the food industry, as well as the furniture, concrete and asphalt production.

Culture and Education

In Belogorsk there is a cinema, three cultural centers and five libraries. Moreover, the city has among other things a business school, an art school and three music schools for children.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Svetlana Cherkasova (born 1978 ), a middle distance runner
  • Sergei Tschuchrai (* 1955), canoeist, three-time Olympic gold medalist and three -time world champion