Belval (Vosges)

Belval is a commune with 171 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district of Saint- Dié -des-Vosges, in the canton of Senones and community association Pays de Senones.


The municipality is located in the Val de Belval Senones in the Vosges and Lorraine is the last place below the Col du Hantz, a 636 meter high pass which leads into the Bruche in Northern Alsace. East of Belval arises from the Ru du Voe, which flows through the municipal area Belval and opens below from Le Mont in the Ruisseau de la Rochere, a tributary of the Rabodeau. The eastern boundary of the parish Belval runs along the Vosges ridge and forms the boundary along the Alsace region.

Neighboring communities of Belval: Le Saulcy the west and north, Plaine and Saulxures the east, and Vermont and Le Le Puid in the south. In World War Belval was right on the front line.


The village was around the year 1793 a part of the Principality of Salm. From about 1870 held in Belval the textile industry feeder. The industrialist family Nansa was a castle called Belval build, it is today in the field of the neighboring municipality of Le Saulcy.


Economy and infrastructure

The inhabitants are chiefly engaged in agriculture Belval (mainly grazing ), forestry ( sawmill ) or in the tourism sector of the Val de Senones active. The municipality has no Belval own church. The church of a few hundred meters away neighboring town of Le Saulcy is therefore also responsible for Belval.

By Belval the Department of Moyenmoutier road 424 crosses the Vosges ridge to Saint -Blaise -la- Roche. The D 49c connects Belval Moussey in the upper Rabodeautal.