Ben Oxenbould

Benjamin Ben Oxenbould ( born March 2, 1969 in Adelaide, Australia) is an Australian actor and comedian.


Ben Oxenbould had, he was already known as a ten year old boy made ​​his first film appearance in the strip, Fatty Finn, where he played the lead role, but only through the sitcom Hey Dad! , Where he was also seen from 1991 to 1994 in a leading role. However, his role of Ben was under an unlucky star, because he had to replace the actor Christopher Truswell, who has been by his droll sense of humor an integral part of the sitcom. Ben Oxenbould tried to bring the laugh on his side, but what he succeeded only partly by his clumsiness. Nevertheless, the role in Hey Dad! pave the way for his future career. He later became a comedian and was seen among other things in the show Comedy Inc..