Benaocaz ( province of Cádiz) is a municipality in Andalusia ( Spain), the msnm at an altitude of 793 is located in the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema. It is a popular destination for hikers. The town is located 78 km from Jerez de la Frontera and 113 km northeast of the provincial capital Cádiz. He counts 715 inhabitants (1 January 2013).


  • Parish church of San Pedro ( on the remains of a mosque built, Renaissance style)
  • Ermita de San Blas ( the chapel was built in 1716 and 1924 renewed )
  • City Hall ( the two-storey building was built in the 18th century in Baroque style )
  • Eco-museum Histórico (since 1999 you can learn in the historic Eco-museum about the history of the region. Each of the five rooms is dedicated to a period of time )
  • Calzada Romana ( an old Roman road that leads to Ubrique and in ancient times the villages Ocuri and Lacilbula Association)

Pictures of Benaocaz