Benedetto Pistrucci

Benedetto Pistrucci (* May 29, 1783 in Rome, † September 16, 1855 in Flora Lodge at Windsor ) was a talented engraver of gemstones, coins and medals.


Benedetto was born as the son of Frederico Pistrucci, Judge of the Criminal Court in Rome, and his wife Antonia, nee Greco. Pistrucci moved in 1815 to London, where he got a job as an engraver at the Royal Mint ( Royal Mint). His most famous work is the portrait of " St. George Slaying the Dragon ," which is used on British gold sovereigns and silver Crowns from 1817 to the present day, with short breaks. He engraved the stamp in addition to many other coins and medals, including the "Waterloo Medal", which took him 30 years to complete. Pistrucci is buried in Virginia Water, Surrey, England.