Bengbu (Ch蚌埠 市Bengbu shì ) is the third largest city in the Chinese province of Anhui. As a prefecture-level city, it has an area of ​​5945 km ² and approximately 3.43 million inhabitants (2003 ).

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Bengbu is composed of four districts and three counties:


(km ²)

Density ( / km ²)

Ethnic structure of the population Bengbus (2000)

In census 2000 3.288.329 inhabitants were counted in Bengbu.


The city is located about 1,000 km south of Beijing and 120 kilometers north of the provincial capital Hefei. It is bisected by the River Huai.

Economy and infrastructure


Bengbu is on the railway line from Guangzhou to Beijing and can be reached from Shanghai in about five hours. The nearest airport is located in about 200 km away in Nanjing.


The city center is marked by the contrast between the ancient Chinese way of life and modern influences. As found in most major cities in the Middle Kingdom is also a mix of mobile and stationary food stalls, hawkers, karaoke bars, mini shops and modern department stores.

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