Benguela Current

The Benguela Current is fed from the Antarctic waters cold ocean currents in the South Atlantic, the northward flowing from the Cape of Good Hope to the equator. The cooling of the air temperature by the Benguela prevents the formation above the sea ascending, humid air masses, leading to ablandiger wind flow, which learns by the steady southwest wind a distraction. The Benguela Current is therefore a major cause for the emergence of the Namib Desert and the existing arid climate of Namibia, with almost no rainfall. Simultaneously, the Benguela is very sensitive to oxygen and therefore zooplanktonreich why increasingly schools of fish are attracted there.

The Benguela Current is fed from parts of the warm Agulhas Current, which flows through the Southeast African coast in southwestern direction along, and cool parts of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

At the level of the equator of the Benguela Current enters the Atlantic South Equatorial Current, which in turn feeds the Gulf Stream and the Brazil Current with its warm water.