Benjamin S. Turner

Benjamin Sterling Turner ( * March 17, 1825 near Weldon, Halifax County, North Carolina, † March 21, 1894 in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama ) was an American politician ( Republican).


Benjamin Sterling Turner was a slave to the world, so that was coming to him in his childhood, no education. He moved to Alabama in 1830, where he secretly received adequate training. He then went to commercial activities. Turner was elected in 1867 to the tax collector of Dallas County. Two years later he was elected to the city council of Selma.

Turner also pursued a political career. He was elected to the 42nd Congress. During his re-election attempt in the following 43 U.S. Congress, however, he suffered a defeat. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives on 4 March 1871 to 3 March 1873. Then he took in 1880 as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in part. He also went to Alabama in agricultural activities. He died in 1894 in Selma (Alabama ) and was buried there on the Live Oak Cemetery.