Benjamin Smith (North Carolina)

Benjamin Smith ( born January 10, 1756 Brunswick County, North Carolina; † January 27, 1826 in Smithville, North Carolina ) was an American politician and 16th Governor of North Carolina.

Early years

The young Smith received his education in the primary schools of his home. During the Revolutionary War, he served temporarily on the staff of George Washington and brought it to the Colonel ( Colonel).

Political rise

In the years 1788 and 1789, Smith was on the Constituent Assemblies of North Carolina. Between 1784 and 1810 he was sitting with some interruptions alternately in the House of Representatives and the Senate of his country. From 1795 to 1799 he was even President of the Senate. Since 1794, he was also a brigadier general of the National Guard. In addition, he was curator of the University of North Carolina. In 1810 he was elected by the Members of Parliament as the new governor of North Carolina.

Governor of North Carolina

His term began on December 5, 1810 and ended a year later, on 11 December 1811. A sought re-election failed due to the lack of majority in the House. He sat down for an improvement of the prison system and criminal law in North Carolina. Like its predecessor, David Stone, he also strove for the expansion of the school system.

More career

After the end of his tenure, Smith moved largely withdrew from politics. In 1816 he was again in the Senate in his home state and he remained curator of the University of North Carolina. Benjamin Smith died in January 1826 in Smithville. He was married to Sara Dry.