Benjamin Stanton

Benjamin Stanton (* June 4, 1809 in Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio; † June 2, 1872 in Wheeling, West Virginia ) was an American politician and lawyer.

After completing his school career Stanton devoted to the study of law, but also made experience in tailoring. In 1834 he was admitted to the bar, after which he began practicing as a lawyer in Bellefontaine. Politically, too, became involved Stanton: In the years 1841 and 1843 he sat each in the Senate of Ohio. In 1850 he took part in the Constitutional Convention of the state. Later, he was elected as a member of the Whigs in the House of Representatives of the United States, where he initially remained on 4 March 1851 to 3 March 1853. On 4 March 1855 he returned to the opposition party in Congress, where he served after repeated re-election until March 3, 1861; During this time he joined the Republicans. In Congress, he was also a member of the Military Committee.

In 1862 he was able to assert itself in the election for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, for two years he carried out this office. From 1865 onwards, he turned back stronger the law to. He moved to Wheeling, where he died in 1872 and was also buried.