Bennington (Vermont)

Bennington County


Bennington is a city and the county seat ( county seat ) of the Bennington County in the south of the U.S. state of Vermont. She is in the United States by the Battle of Bennington known that General John Stark struck on August 16, 1777 against the existing mainly from Hessian mercenaries and British troops has contributed to the decision of the War of Independence. The battlefield is located about 2 miles outside the city.

On a hill in the village is the " Bennington Battle Monument ," a 103 -meter-high obelisk, in the ground floor of a small exhibition about the historical background of the battle can be visited. A lift will get visitors to a viewing platform on the obelisk, from which one can see into the neighboring states of New York and Massachusetts.

The Bennington College ( Founded in 1932 ) is one of the most important universities of the state of Vermont. The Bennington Museum in turn is one of the largest in Vermont.

Population Development


  • The Bennington Battle Monument
  • Bennington Museum
  • The Vermont Covered Bridge Museum


  • Isaac Tichenor (1754-1838), Chief Justice, Governor and Senator Vermont
  • Simon Fraser (1776-1862), fur trader and explorer
  • The British composer John Addison died on 7 December 1998 in Bennington

Sons and daughters of the town

  • James Fisk, entrepreneur and speculator
  • Simon Fraser, Canadian fur trader and explorer
  • Cynthia Gibb, actress
  • Hiland Hall, politicians
  • Andrew Newell, cross-country skiers