Bensen B-8

The Bensen X-25 is a gyrocopter, as the test aircraft under the United States Air Force Discretionary Descent Vehicle ( German as vehicle for the descent in its sole discretion ) has been developed program.

The aim of the project was to replace the ejector seats of fighter aircraft by the X-25 to give the pilot more control over the descent by the Committee from the plane. The pilots should have so much more control over exactly where they land after take-off with the ejection seat.

X -25B was a non-motorized vehicle with any manned tests were performed. The X -25A, however, was motorized. Both aircraft were used to investigate the control and training required for the use of an autogyro. However, have been performed in full never attempts. The first flight of the X -25A was on June 5, 1968. DDV The program was discontinued at the end of the Vietnam War by the United States Air Force.

The X -25A is in the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton (Ohio ) and the X -25B on display at the AFFTC Museum ( Air Force Flight Test Center).

Bensen B-8

In the surveyed, for the program test aircraft X -25B and X -25A, it was a gyroplane type Benson B -8. The Benson B-8 is a small, single-seat autogyro, which was developed in the 1950s in the United States by Igor Bensen ( Bensen Aircraft). Although the original manufacturer 's production in 1987 adjusted to 2007 still plans for DIY were asked ( Homebuilt aircraft) available.

The construction of the Benson B-8 had emerged from an improvement in the Bensen B-7, a unmotorisiertem drag gyroplane ( motorless small gyroplane ). The Benson B -8 was at first, just like his predecessor Benson B-7, built as a motorless towing gyroplane. In this form it first flew in 1955. On December 6, 1955, the modified version Bensen B -8M had (M for motorized) made ​​its first flight. The design proved to be very useful and was for many years popular. Over the next 30 years, thousands of plans have been sold by this type.

The construction of the Bensen B- 8 is very minimalistic; the aircraft does not consist of much more than the pilot's seat, a tail boom, the rotor and in the motorized version is still out of the engine.

General data of the Bensen B -8M: Manufacturer Bensen Co.; Empty Weight 112 kg; Take-off weight 227 kg; Length 3.45 m; Rotor diameter 6.7 m; Engine McCulloch 4318E 4 -cylinder Boxer the company McCulloch Aircraft Corporation; Power 53 kW ( 72 hp ); Speed ​​60 km / h; Reach 160 km; Spaces: 1; First flight 1957; a successful kit mainly in the USA; suitable as car trailers.

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