Bentley State Limousine

The Bentley State Limousine is the state carriage of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, were produced by the two specimens from the car manufacturer Bentley, a Volkswagen brand. A copy was Elizabeth II on June 4, 2002 on the occasion of her golden jubilee of Franz -Josef Paefgen, CEO of Bentley, in Windsor Castle handed over and used it on the maiden voyage to St Paul's Cathedral. It is Bentley's first state coach, and was exactly like the first state coach of Rolls- Royce, the Rolls- Royce Phantom IV, a gift to the British royal family. The second copy is kept as a spare vehicle. The value of the vehicles is in each case about 11 million euros.


The four courses operative Bentley State Limousine is based on the Bentley Arnage, but is longer, wider and higher. The V8 Twin Turbo engine with a displacement of 6.75 liters develops maximum engine output of 298 kW and a maximum torque of 835 Nm. Instead of the used Bentley hood ornament " Flying B " a replaceable sculpture is used, which is only attached when the queen uses the car. The sculpture of Saint George is replaced with a standing lion, when the car is traveling in Scotland.

Both copies should be retrofitted by 2012 flexible-fuel vehicles.


In the lower area to just below the window line, the cars are painted burgundy and black above. On the rear doors are small emblems of the queen. The two units produced have glass roofs. These can be concealed in the rear area with opaque, black caps and then allow only a small rear windows with rounded corners free. If the covers are not used, they can be stored in the trunk. In addition to the four fixed seats, there are two folding seats facing rearwards behind the partition to the driver's compartment.

The project started in 2000 under the name Project Diamond. The hand-crafted vehicles driving in parades with an average speed of 14 km / h, a design life of 25 years or 125,000 miles. A requirement of the royal family to the developers was that the windows are tinted slightly to transport the Queen for the people visible. Unlike other state limousines, the windows can be lowered completely. This function is also used by the Queen. The rear doors are rear -hinged " suicide doors ", to facilitate the boarding also with a head covering.


The vehicles are used primarily for official events of the Queen and will be accompanied by security vehicles. They have no license plate. The driver of the Queen 's Joe load. Also, some noble state guests of the Queen as the Saudi King Abdullah, were transported with the car.

Pictures of Bentley State Limousine