Berane (Cyrillic Беране ) is a town of about 11,800 inhabitants in Montenegro.


Berane lies in a basin at the fish-rich river Lim, at the junction of the road to Andrijevica from the main road Bijelo Polje - Rožaje and has a small regional airport. The city represents an important starting point for excursions into the Bjelasica mountains with the mountain lakes Pesicka Jezero, Ursulovačko Jezero and Šiško Jezero


The settlement was founded in 1862 on the orders of the Turkish General Hüseyin Avni Pasha as Ottoman military camp. The place was long on the border between Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire and was therefore often the scene of fierce and bloody battles. From 1946 to 1992 the city was called Ivan degrees, named after Ivan Milutinovic ( 1901-1944 ), a Montenegrin member of the Yugoslav Communist Party and military leader in the struggle of the partisans during the Second World War.

Nearby researchers discovered in the 1950s objects and skeletons that date back to the Stone Age.


The actual city Berane has about 12,000 inhabitants.

At the 2011 census the municipality had 33 970 inhabitants Berane, of which 14,592 ( 42.96 %) than Serbs, 8,838 ( 26.02% ) and Montenegrins, 6,021 ( 17.72 %) than Bosniaks, 1,957 ( 5.76% ), referred to as Muslims and 531 (1.56 %) than Roma. Besides living in the city are other smaller groups.


Just outside the town, near the cemetery, there is the Orthodox monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, which was founded in 1213. Near the town is located on the mountain Jasikovac a monument that is reminiscent of 30 fallen partisans, who were shot in the fighting in 1941.


Twin cities of Berane are

  • Čukarica, municipality of Belgrade, Serbia, since 1985
  • Teramo in Italy, since 1985
  • Peć in Kosovo since 1998
  • Kostroma in Russia, since 2005

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Fahrudin Radončić ( b. 1957 ), Bosnian journalist and entrepreneur
  • Vukašin Dobrašinović (born 1964 ), former Yugoslavian boxer
  • Dejan Čukić (* 1966), actor
  • Dragan Adžić (* 1969), Montenegrin handball coach
  • Boban Rajović (born 1971 ), singer
  • Dragoslav Jevrić ( b. 1974 ), football player
  • Maja Savić (born 1976 ), former Montenegrin Women's Handball
  • Sonja Barjaktarović (* 1986), Montenegrin Women's Handball
  • Stefan Babović (* 1987), football player