Bergheim, Bavaria

Bergheim is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Neuburg -Schrobenhausen and a member of the administrative community Neuburg an der Donau.

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Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Bergheim ( with the desert Hennenweidach ) Unterstall and Attenfeld ( with the Igstetter yard ).


Pre-and Early Development

The first settlements date back to the Middle and New Stone Age ( 8000-1800 BC). This is supported by findings in Attenfeld where settlement pits, pottery, a stone ax and shards were uncovered. Excavations from 1949 show that even in Bergheim to Neolithic ( 4000-2000 BC), a settlement was present. A stool grave and settlement pits from the Early Bronze Age ( 1800-1600 BC) was the " Geißbuck " exposed ( quarry ).

The community of Mountain Home

The current community Bergheim is located seven kilometers north-east of the county town of Neuburg an der Donau, which leads to the road of Neuburg to Ingolstadt. It was through the merger of three formerly independent communities Attenfeld ( with Igstetter courtyard), Bergheim ( with Hennenweidach ) and Unterstall formed ( with rhinestones host ) on May 1, 1978 new.

Administration Community Neuburg an der Donau

The administrative community based in Neuburg an der Donau consists of the municipalities Bergheim and Rohrenfels. With establishment of these management Community on 1 May 1978, the political independence could be maintained, as both communities the required minimum size of 1,800 inhabitants per municipality not reached. At first belonged to the administrative community and the communities Oberhausen and Soft ring who were released on their own request and administrations einrichteten.


The village Bergheim, as the largest of the community, has already been first mentioned around 1182/1195, due to the consecration of the church by the bishop Otto von Eichstätt.

The place name comes from the name " Perkhaimb ", which should mean something in "home on the mountain ." However, the town really is the one on some small hills - the already implying the slight increase in the Jura region in the north up, on the other hand it is next to the Danube, and thus delimits directly to major level of Donaumoos.

Since time immemorial, Bergheim belonged to the nearby town of Neuburg an der Donau and informed so that over the centuries the fate of the Palatinate - neuburgischen Bailiff Office.

For the modern history of the place is to be noted that a permanent postal bus connecting the towns of Ingolstadt - Gerolfing - Dünzlau - Irgertsheim -Bergheim was already established in 1899, which had its feed point in the postal agency of Speth brewery.

In 1922 and the following years took place in Bergheim tapping into the farms to the electricity. The connection to the sewer system was carried out in the years 1971 to 1974, which was also the complete expansion of the streets in this course.


The town lies in a valley, is surrounded on three sides by the Jura foothills and is bounded to the south-east of the Danube. On the origin of the place name, there are two versions, one forwards Unterstall of " Lower Castle Stable" from the other version says that the name is derived from the Germanic word " stal ", which translates as " bottom dwelling " means and as an explanation is also likely. Documented Unterstall is first mentioned in 1179 as the property of Eichstätt Cathedral Chapter.


Attenfeld is the smallest part of municipality, surrounded on three sides by woods, beautifully situated in the rolling hills and foothills of the Franconian Jura. On the origin of the name Attenfeld there are two versions that derives the name from " Odinsfeld ", so the field of Odin, the other version of " Attafeld " the fathers from a field. Which ultimately is correct, could hardly have yet to prove. Documented Attenfeld was first mentioned in the land register of the Marshal of Pappenheim in 1214 under the name Attenvelt.



Mayor since the municipal election 2008 Michael Hartmann ( CSU). He sat down in the runoff election against the then incumbent Anna Maria Meier barn with 56.6 % of the vote through.

Parish council

The council has twelve members.

Coat of arms

Since 1982, the municipality of Bergheim became an emblem approved.

Blazon: " About one covered with a blue wave bar silver Dreienberg by a silver tournament lance split of red and black, front a golden crosier, beseitet down from two opposite golden plowshares, behind a doppelschwänziger, rotgekrönter, rotbewehrter and langued golden lion. "



  • Parish church of St. Mauritius, 1744-1783 rebuilt from the monasteries Kaisheim and Niederschönenfeld instead of a church of the early 14th century, using some parts from the old building; Tower with a Baroque dome; 1961/62 extension of the nave to 6 m; Pulpit in 1700; Baroque high altar from 1765; Baroque side altars from the Franciscan convent of Neuburg on the Danube; Madonna of 1460/70
  • St. Mary's Chapel built in the cemetery, 1748, 1772 baroque equipped with 1702 acquired a copy of the Altöttinger miraculous image as a pilgrimage image of "Our Lady of Bergheim ", high altar by 1721st
  • Other chapels and field crosses


  • St. Anne's Chapel, 1910/12 instead of a chapel built in the 16th century.


  • Church of St. Magnus, built in 1520 as a choir tower church, rebuilt in the 17th century church hall, from this time the baroque stucco ceiling; Late Gothic Sacrament niche; Altars from the late 18th century pulpit from the 17th century, wooden sculptures from the 16th to 18th century
  • Chapels and field crosses, Conler column


  • Church of St. Giles, late Romanesque (12th century)
  • Forest Chapel " Willibaldsruh / Willibaldiruh " built in Brunn wood, in the first half of the 19th century on a wooden predecessor chapel; near Cretaceous quartzite block with constant water-filled depressions



  • Albert Martin Seven guardians OSB (* 1913 in Bergheim, † 1995), 1968-1986, first administrator, then abbot of the monastery in Lambach Austria
  • Hans Döllgast (1891-1974), German architect

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