Beriev MBR-7

The Beriev MBR -7 (Russian Бериев МБР -7, also Berijew MS-8, МС -8) is a single-engine flying boat in shoulder -decker design of the Soviet Beriev manufacturer. The first flight took place in April 1939.

The machine was made ​​entirely of wood. The engine, which drove a metal pusher propeller smudge - 2PT, was located on struts to the wing. Under the wing support swimmers were installed.

The use should be done as an armed Kurzstreckenseeaufklärer. The armament consisted of a SchKAS machine gun in a gun carriage behind the wing and a rigid front-facing machine gun, each 7.62 mm. In addition, could be carried a total of 500 kg of shedding armament. The MBR -7 should replace the older Beriev MBR -2.

The flight performance were very appealing. End of October 1939, there was an accident in which the machine was largely destroyed. This was due to the low stability in flight at low speeds. Due to this constant difficulties when taking off and landing, no serial production was started.