Berlin Brandenburger Tor station

  • North-South tunnel ( KBS 200.1, 200.2, 200.25 )


The station Brandenburger Tor ( 1936-2009 Unter den Linden ) is a tunnel station of the Berlin S -Bahn and is located near the Brandenburg Gate. With the opening of Metro Line 55 8 August 2009 there is a transfer station for the metro was opened and renamed the S-Bahn station in Brandenburg Gate.

S-Bahn station

The S-Bahn station was opened on 27 July 1936 as a temporary terminus of the north-south tunnel as a station Unter den Linden, the receptacle of the traffic carried on the following day, continuing the path towards Potsdamer Platz three years later. The station, operationally, a breakpoint is set in one and a half times the depth and has a central platform. The tiles are held as lime green inspired by the street name Unter den Linden.

Due to the effects of war traffic on April 21, 1945, set. However, a resumption of the operation could only take place on December 2, 1947 since a few days was blown up after setting the tunnel roof below the Landwehr Canal and the tunnel flooded - the water flowed partly also in the Berlin U- Bahn network. However, took place two years after the reopening of a new closure for redevelopment at this time, to eliminate the last flood damage in 1945.

Held between 13 August 1961 to 1 September 1990 no trains on the platform, as there was this in East Berlin, the endpoints of passing lines, however, in West Berlin. At this time the station was referred to as " ghost station ".

The station has been leading the opening of the subway line U55, 8 August 2009, as the adjacent Metro Station the name Brandenburg Gate, as the continuation of the subway line a new railway station Unter den Linden provides already elsewhere and so confusion should be avoided. Initially there was to read monument protection laws still on the walls and the platform buildings of the old name; Mid-December 2009 were fitted with the current name on the tunnel walls new signs.

Subway station

The underground station of line U55 was originally to be opened in the Football World Cup 2006. However, problems with groundwater delayed construction several times, so that the opening could only take place on August 8, 2009. By 2019, the line should be continued to Alexanderplatz and combined with the existing line U5, so that between the main station and Honow on the eastern outskirts a continuous underground connection is made ​​.

For a long time the design of the station due to the difficult financial situation of the State of Berlin was unclear. Finally, the station was taken with in the memorial concept of capital: in and near the train station is reminiscent of the division of Berlin, an information center and several large maps inform the passengers. The station itself has the office Oestreich / Hentschel anthracite decorated and illuminated with particularly luminous ceiling lights. The platform with a double row of columns is 110 meters long and equipped at the west end with an elevator.


The station is served by lines S1, S2 and S25, the S-Bahn line U55 subway and the bus lines 100 and TXL the Berlin Transport Services.