Berlin Landsberger Allee station

  • Ring road (km 9.4 )


The Berlin station Landsberger Allee is a stop on the Berlin S-Bahn on the same street. Located in the district of Prenzlauer Berg station is located at the Berlin ring road close to the Velodrome and the swimming and diving center in Europe Sports Park. In addition to the S -Bahn lines S41, S42, S8, S85 and S9, the station is also served by the lines M5, M6 and M8 of the Berlin tram.


The ring station was opened on 1 May 1895. In addition to a platform, the system was given a reception building with brick facade and a fortified entrance to the platform ( other stations possessed the usual " greenhouse transition "). With the commissioning of the tram Berlin- Hohenschonhausen on October 21, 1899 a transfer possibility arose to the tram. The Prussian railway Treasury assured the company operating this railway to the use of the circular railway bridge for an annual fee indefinitely.

The reception building this station suffered heavy damage during World War II, but could be used by further repairs. In 1950 it was renamed the eponymous Strait of Landsberger Allee in Lenin Avenue, the station was renamed with. A year later, the station was on the north end of a second entrance from the street Storkower.

In 1968 the dilapidated station building had to be removed and replaced by a simple construction. This input was demolished in the late 1980s, but the platform was separate entrances from both sides of the street Landsberger Allee and from the tram, which runs on the same bridge. Although the late 1990s, large areas have been re- built in addition to the access, the access situation is so still. In 1992, the station was again changed back into Landsberger Allee.

At the application of Berlin for the 2000 Olympics, the Berlin Senate erected near the railway station, the velodrome as well as the swimming and diving center in Europe Sports Park and had to import the old Werner Seelenbinder hall tear. Despite the failed bid, the two buildings can be recorded success. With her ​​opening another, underground access to both facilities was made on the platform.


The S-Bahn S41 and S42 and S8 lines between Hohen Neuendorf and Zeuthen, who operated from the ring rail lines between S85 Waidmannslust and Grunau and the S9 between Schönefeld Airport and Blankenburg.