Berlusconi IV Cabinet

The Cabinet Berlusconi IV ruled Italy on 8 May 2008 to 16 November 2011. The government was supported by a coalition of Popolo della Libertà ( PdL ) and Lega Nord ( LN) worn since the government members of Futuro e Libertà per l' Italia ( FLI) and the Movimento per le autonomy ( MpA ) had resigned from their positions on November 15, 2010.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned on November 12, 2011 back (even at the urging of some euro countries due to lack of cost-cutting efforts in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis in the euro area ). He was replaced by Mario Monti; Monti formed the Cabinet Monti exclusively of non-party ministers.

Nitto Francesco Palma ( PdL - FI) since July 28, 2011