Bernard Dowiyogo

Bernard Annen Auwen Dowiyogo ( born February 14, 1946 in Ubenide; † March 9, 2003 in Washington, DC ) was a politician nauruischer. He does not come from Nauruern; his father was a Japanese War officer, and his mother came from Kiribati. He is the father of Valdon and Jesaulenko Dowiyogo. Since he was born in Nauru, he received the Nauruan citizenship. After basic training in Nauru, he trained to become advocates in Australia. But as such, he worked not long; he soon turned to politics.

He was elected in 1973 to the 18-member Nauruan Parliament. He had his first term as President from 1976 to 1978, after he had hammer DeRoburt displaced. During the 1980s, he sharply criticized the nuclear tests by France and the United States in the Pacific region.

It was not until 1989 president again, as kenos Aroi resigned. He was confirmed in the presidential election, when he defeated his challenger Buraro Detudamo with ten votes to seven in 1992. In the next elections in 1995 but was a defeat against Lagumot Harris. Eleven months later he was able to displace this again, but he was deposed again just 15 days after the election by Kennan Adeang. In 1998, he was able to gain the presidency after a vote of no confidence against Kinza Clodumar again, but lost that again in 1999 to René Harris. 2000 and 2003 could Dowiyogo still gain the presidency three times until he died in March 2003 in office.

He died at the University Hospital in Washington, DC of heart failure caused by diabetes, a widespread disease in Nauru.

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  • President ( Nauru )
  • Lawyer ( Nauru )
  • Member of Parliament (Nauru )
  • Born in 1946
  • Died in 2003
  • Man