Bernard Williams (athlete)

Bernard Williams ( born January 19, 1978 in Baltimore) is an American track and field athlete.

Williams is sprinters. His special discipline are the 200 meters. He had his first international success, however, on the 100 - meter track, when he 's won the bronze medal in 9.94 at the IAAF 2001 World Championships in Edmonton. Years later, he moved on to silver, because the original runner Tim Montgomery was disqualified for doping.

Otherwise, Williams won his medals, especially with the U.S. 4 x 100 -meter relay teams. So the gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and at the World Championships in 2001. Latter but was denied him later because of the doping case Tim Montgomery again.

At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, he was finally able to then win an Olympic individual medal. About 200 meters, he won silver.

On 9 September 2004, he tested positive for cannabis at a meeting in Seville.

Bernard Williams is often referred to as Hollywood Bernard, as he noticed especially in television broadcasts through his play with the cameras before a start. The outspoken Williams is therefore also like to invite you to athletics meeting, even in times when his benefits should not necessarily world class.

Bernard Williams has a competition weight of 73 kg at a height of 1,81 m.

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