Bernardo Salviati

Bernardo Salviati (* 1508 in Florence, † May 6, 1568 in Rome ) was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

Origin and family

Bernardo Salviati was a younger son of Jacopo Salviati and his wife Lucrezia, the eldest daughter of Lorenzo I de ' Medici. Bernardo's older brother was the Cardinal Giovanni Salviati (1490-1553), his sister was Maria Salviati (1499-1543), the Giovanni dalle Bande Nere married and the mother of Cosimo I, the first Grand Duke of Tuscany was. More nephew Bernardo Salviati were later Pope Leo XI. and 1583 for Cardinal Anton Maria Salviati appointed. His mother's brothers were Pope Leo X., Piero de ' Medici, ruler of Florence (1492-1494), and Giuliano de' Medici, Duke of Nemours.


Bernardo Salviati was determined by the Medici family for the ecclesiastical career. He was at first bishop of Saint- Papoul, then Administrator of Clermont and was appointed on February 26, 1561 by Pope Pius IV to the cardinal. From 1566 the titular church of Santa Prisca.

Salviati opposed in July 1537 the takeover of Cosimo I in Florence. That's why he led together with Piero Strozzi, a great-grandson of Lorenzo the Magnificent, an army of Florentine Republicans, which consisted of 4000 infantry and 300 cavalry, and was supported by French troops, against the 1st Duke of Tuscany. Cosimo I, however, managed to raise an army of Tuscan, Spanish and Imperial troops in good time, the Republican troops devastating hit on August 1, 1537 under the command of generals Alessandro Vitelli at Prato.

Bernardo Salviati was general of the galleys of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and 1525-1563 Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of Rome, the Order of Malta.