Bernd Noske

Bernd " Nossi " Noske (* August 17, 1946, † February 18, 2014 in Ruppichteroth ) was a German drummer and singer. Noske was particularly well-known as the frontman of the band Birth Control.


At the age of nine years Noske sang in the school choir and played drums in the school theater. After leaving school he worked as a canning packer and truck driver until he started his career as a musician.

His first band " The Odd Persons" gave concerts in West Germany and entered among others in the Hamburg Star Club. In 1969 he joined, as a successor to Hugo Egon Balder, the band Birth Control on, with which he appeared until 2014 as a constant member and frontman. As 1983, the musician Bruno Frenzel died, Noske dissolved the band and played with the bands Hard Beats, Mr. Good trip and Lilly & the Rockets. In 1993, the band was formed and has since been re- activated again. Published in 1999, Noske solo album Come Out at Night, which he had already received 1978/79.

Instruments and playing style

In the early days of Birth Control played Bernd Noske (nickname Nossi ) a Ludwig drum kit consisting of bass drum, hanging tom, floor tom, snare, hi-hat and two cymbals, which he later for another hanging tom and a another pool added.

Birth Control had through the piece Gamma Ray international success. This was significantly influenced by drum passages that Noske played on timbales.

With the new lineup, he played these passages alternately with timbales or tom-toms. Last recorded Bernd Noske a Sonor drums, consisting of bass drum, four hanging toms, two floor toms, snare, hi-hat, and five pools. In his solo he stood up while playing and rose from the front of the bass drum to drum out of this position.



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