Bernd Venohr

Bernd Venohr (* April 16, 1959 in Hanau ) is a German management consultant and business professor.


Bernd Venohr studied from 1978 to 1981 business administration at the Johann -Wolfgang- Goethe University in Frankfurt. In 1983 he acquired as a Fulbright scholar a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Northwestern University ( Kellogg Graduate School of Management ). In 1987, he earned his doctorate at the Goethe University with a thesis on strategic management. After his doctorate, he worked a total of 14 years at the strategy consulting firm Bain & Company. Last Venohr there was a senior partner and member of the global board of directors. In the years from 2000 to 2005 he was managing director of Accenture Germany / Switzerland / Austria with responsibility for Corporate Venture Capital and Corporate Development. 2006 Venohr was appointed to the Chair of Strategic Management at the School of Economics and Law in Berlin. There he directed an MBA degree program and was co-founder of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and family businesses. This institute, he is still, after his departure from the university sector in 2008, respectively. During his college career, he headed a comprehensive research project on the success factors globally active medium-sized German companies that are taking a leading position on the world market ( world leader ). Since 2009 Venohr is self-employed entrepreneurial activity in the consulting and investment business. He advises entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of strategic and organizational concepts, as well as company acquisitions and disposals. In addition to his consulting work Venohr accompanied start-up companies as an investor and advisory board. He publishes and lectures regularly on the topic of sustainable business success.

Venohr lives in Munich, is married and father of two children.

Publications (selection)

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