Berne Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats

The Bern Convention, amtl. Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and animals and their natural habitats is an international treaty of the Council of Europe on the protection of European wildlife and plants from the year, 1979., 42 European and four African countries and the European Community ratified the Convention.


  • In the European Union, the statement was made by order 82/72/EEC of the Council of 3 December 1981, the implementation especially in the Birds Directive and in the Fauna-Flora -Habitat Directive (Natura 2000 network ), and the European Network biogenetic reserves.
  • In Switzerland, the reaction is carried out under Federal Law on Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection from 1 July 1966 ( NHG)
  • Auenverordnung on 28 October 1992
  • Federal Act of 29 April 1998 on Agriculture ( Agriculture Act, LwG )
  • Federal Constitution Article 78 Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection. In particular, Section 5 the Rothenthurm articles
  • Raised bog Regulation of 21 January 1991 on the protection of high and transitional mires of national importance
  • Fen Regulation of 7 September 1994 on the protection of fens of national importance
  • Moorland Decree of 1 May 1996 on the protection of wetlands of special beauty and national importance
  • Direct payment Ordinance of 7 December 1998 on direct payments to agriculture ( ODP )
  • Dry meadows and pastures Regulation of 13 January 2010 ( TwwV )