Bernhard Brinkmann

Bernhard Brinkmann ( May 22nd, 1952 in Schellerten - Dinklar ) is a German politician ( SPD).

Life and career

Post-high school Brinkmann graduated 1967-1970 training as an insurance salesman, which he finished in 1970 with the commercial assistant exam. Following a two-year service as served two years in the Panzergrenadierbrigade 1 of the Bundeswehr in 1973, he went back to the insurance industry, where he became in 1986 an officer and director insurance.

Bernhard Brinkmann is married. In the army he achieved the rank of captain in the reserve.


Since 1973 he is a member of the SPD. Brinkmann is chairman of the SPD sub-district of Hildesheim.

Member of Parliament

Since 1986, Brinkmann is a member of the council of the district of Hildesheim.

Since 1998 he is member of the German Bundestag.

Bernhard Brinkmann is always drawn as a directly elected representative of the constituency of Hildesheim in the Bundestag. In the 2005 federal election he reached here 51.0 % in the general election in 2009 39.0 % of the primary vote.

Brinkmann is a member of the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag. He is Deputy Chairman of Rechnungsprüfungsauschusses and deputy member of the defense committee.