Bernhard Hirzel

Bernhard Hirzel ( born August 12, 1807 in Enge, Zurich today, † June 6, 1847 in Paris) was a Swiss theologian and orientalist.

Bernhard Hirzel studied at the Universities of Zurich and Berlin in theology and philology, in 1835 professor of Oriental languages ​​at the University of Zurich, but took a pastorate in 1837 Pfäffikon.

As a riot was caused in the land by the appointment of David Friedrich Strauss at the University of Zurich, led Hirzel on 6 September 1839 crowd against the capital and forced the government to abdicate (see Züriputsch ). From the newly elected Grand Council appointed a member of the church and Education Council, he resigned from this position in 1841 and 1845, his pastorate and entered again as a lecturer in the University of Zurich, but was soon forced to flee because of exchange on counterfeiting. He went to Paris, where he sat in June 1847 his life by poison an end.


  • My part in the events of September 6 1839. A word of truth to the Swiss Brethren near and far. Zurich 1839 digitized
  • The Song of Songs or victory of fidelity. Translated The Song and explained by Bernhard Hirzel. Zurich 1840 digitized
  • Face of the messengers of death over the earth. A Hebrew poem. Original text and translation. Zurich 1844
  • Sakuntala or The detection ring. An Indian drama by Kalidasa. Zurich, 1833. Digitalisat
  • Urwasi and the hero. Indian melodrama. Frauenfeld 1838
  • Prabodhatschandrodaja or the realization moon rise. Philosophical Drama of Krischnamisradd. Zurich 1846 digitized
  • Meghaduta or Wolkenbote. Lyrical Poem by Kalidasa Zurich 1846 digitized

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