Bernhard Korte

Bernhard Hermann Korte ( born November 3, 1938 in Bottrop ) is a German mathematician, computer scientist and economist who deals with combinatorial optimization.

Life and work

Bernhard Korte grew up as the son of a miner in a coal-mine village. After high school he studied from 1959 to mathematics, physics and chemistry in Bonn, where he received his doctorate at Ernst Peschl 1967 ( Contributions to the theory of Hardy'schen function classes). In 1971 he qualified as a professor in Bonn and became a professor in Regensburg and shortly thereafter in Bielefeld. Since 1972 he is professor at the University of Bonn and since 1987 he has headed the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics in Bonn. In addition, he was a visiting professor at Stanford University, Cornell University, the University of Waterloo, MIT, Yale University, in Rome, Pisa, Barcelona, ​​Rio de Janeiro and Rutgers University.

Korte is particularly concerned with combinatorial optimization of circuits for VLSI chip design.

Through the revenue from collaboration with IBM and other companies as well as other benefits he could extend a significant collection of historical calculating machines, which he had begun as a student. She is seen in the Korte founded by Arithmeum in Bonn, in which art exhibitions and concerts take place. Korte gave his collection in 1997 the state of North Rhine -Westphalia. It is the world's most important of its kind

Bernhard Korte was an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. In 1997 he was awarded the State Prize of North Rhine -Westphalia and 2002, the Federal Cross of Merit. He is also, inter alia, Since 1986, support the great Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and Honorary Professor at the Academia Sinica in Beijing and the PUC ( Pontifical Catholic University ) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He holds honorary doctorates from the University La Sapienza in Rome. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in Halle an der Saale, the North Rhine- Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Dusseldorf and the German Academy of Science and Engineering ( acatech).

His doctoral include Martin Grötschel and Achim Bachem.


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