Bernhard Mann

Bernhard Mann ( born December 3, 1950 in Stuttgart ) is a German health and social scientists. He teaches as a professor of health management at the University of Applied Sciences Bamberg - Private College of Health, a lecturer in sociology at the University of Koblenz -Landau, Campus Koblenz and was, among other things held several academic functions at the Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. Come forward he is by conducting studies to Basic Education in Mahatma Gandhi, health sociology and socio-medical health care research.

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  • 3.2 Developing countries Sociology with Mahatma Gandhi Research
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Bernhard, he studied for a price High School in Stuttgart, Göttingen and Erlangen- Nuremberg, social sciences, with a focus on law, economics, social policy, sociology and medical sociology. He received his Ph.D. in Medical Sociology at first at the Department of Sociology, University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, Karl Gustav Specht. According to Specht's early death he could his doctorate, continue in social planning at the Department of Social Gerontology at the renowned psychologists and gerontologists Reinhard Schmitz- Scherzer, Kassel and the psychologist Erhard Olbrich, University of Erlangen -Nuremberg. Furthermore, he studied postgraduate population Medicine and Health (Public Health) at the Hannover Medical School and Total Quality Management ( TQM) at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern; it was coined by the Nuremberg student pastor John Frederick. Renowned academic teachers are Gerhard Würzbacher, Karl Gustav Specht and Friedrich Wilhelm Schwartz.

Bernhard man living in Unkel am Rhein.


University teaching

  • Since 2013 man teaches health services research at the School of Public Health - Charite University Medicine Berlin.
  • Since 2012 man teaches as a university teacher, Professor of Health Management and member of the university management ( vice president for student administration) at the University of Applied Sciences Bamberg, University of Applied Sciences.
  • Since 2004 man teaches as a lecturer, scientific advisor, member of the scientific advisory board and mentor for the Sociology of Health (Public Health), postgraduate degree program for Master of Arts in Health Management, Center for Distance Learning and Continuing Education ( ZFUW ), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Koblenz -Landau.
  • Since 2001, general man teaches sociology and special sociologies in the formation of the Faculty at the University of Koblenz -Landau, Campus Koblenz; inter alia, he is concerned with the sociology of art, funded by the artist of modernity, Waltraud Munz.
  • 2003-2011 taught man medicine sociology at the Department of Medical Psychology and Social Medicine at the Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, University of Bonn, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn.
  • 1991-2007 taught man general sociology and special sociologies at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bonn (1999-2007) as the subject Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Konstanz ( 1991-1996 ).
  • 1989-1991 taught man social policy in the post-graduate Master 's degree program Gerontology ( M.Sc.), Faculty of Education, University of Erlangen -Nuremberg.

Scientific support

Man leads the academic degree of Diplom -Sozialwirt the Friedrich -Alexander- University Erlangen- Nuremberg, Dr. rer is. pol. Kassel University and Master of Public Health (MPH ) / Master Sanitatis publicae (MSP ) of the Hannover Medical School, Research Associate at the University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, model projects of the Federal Ministry of Health at the time of Heiner Geissler and the First Report on the Elderly of the Federal government was headed by Hans Thomae; Postdoctoral fellow at the Universities of Bremen, Konstanz and Bonn, especially in Horst Baier and Erich Weede.

Sociological consulting

Man taught in adult education the focus of social gerontology, especially at the technical seminar for elderly care, the Emperor Diakonieverband in Dusseldorf, many years was appointed as Honorary Judge at the Administrative Courts in Ansbach and Cologne, especially for asylum and socially relevant areas of law and is involved as a presenter at the meetings of Applied sociology of professional Association of German sociologists ( BDS). 2010 B. Mann was appointed to the jury of the foundation " living city " to select the senior- friendly city in Europe. The qualities of selected cities were activating, integrate and support. He also was invited to the Refugee Day with the theme of escape and Health at the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland.

International Projects

On the occasion of the World Exhibition in Japan 1970 Bernhard man was a delegate of the German youth with reception at the Japanese Crown Prince Akihito, now Tennō. 1972 to 1974 was followed by grants from the World Council of Churches for a social commitment in Birmingham, England, an ASA scholarship (in conjunction with the student movement of the United Nations ) in India and a grant from the German - French Youth Office for a study stay in Vichy, France. He received further grants by a DFG grant to the World Congress of Gerontology, Acapulco, Mexico, a grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation for a period of study in Paris, France and an Erasmus scholarship at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, he was appointed advisor to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF ) and appointed EU adviser on Cyprus.


Committees, networks and focal points

  • Bernhard has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Master's Department of Health Management, University of Koblenz- Landau, DAAD reviewer for studies and theses Asian universities, consultants than by specialists in sociology for the Certification of BA and MA courses and Senate member of the Professional Association of German sociologists and sociologists.
  • Man is co-editor of the Koblenz contributions to health management and public health in the LIT -Verlag Berlin -Hamburg- Münster- London - Vienna - Zurich as the Bamberg writings on health promotion, also in LIT -Verlag. Since 1979 there has been cooperation with Bernhard Claussen, Institute for the Teaching of Politics, University of Hamburg.
  • The work areas are general sociology with social structure analysis, special sociologies ( aging, health, medical and rehabilitation sociology), Public Health and Social Gerontology. Man is o member of sociological societies and associations ( Association of German sociologists, German Society for Phenomenological Research and German Sociological Association ) and public -health- oriented professional societies ( German Association of Health Sciences and Public Health, German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, German society for Medical sociology, German society for social Medicine and Prevention as the European Public Health Association ).

Developing countries Sociology with Mahatma Gandhi Research

In the monograph " The pedagogical and political concepts of Mahatma Gandhi and Paulo Freire's " the question of action orientations and action structures ( Friedrich Fürstenberg ) discussed in a world in the context of the theory of action, which is characterized by social inequality. In the international Paulo Freire Research a pedagogy of liberation, the monograph has the discourse between Mahatma Gandhi and Paulo Freire initiated (see Documentation Centre of the UNESCO, Institute for Education). Action theory, Basic Education is defined by moral, social and holistic education; operationalized through literacy, based on variables such as manual labor, learning the native language, co-education, community development, maintenance of hygiene and public health as the practicing of reading and writing.

Public health research

Sozialgerontologische, health, medical and rehabilitation sociological studies can be found:

  • In the theoretical foundation of aging and health sociology ( B. Mann, 1996, 2002)
  • In the psycho- social preparation for the move to nursing homes ( B. Mann, 1977, 1982, 1985, 1987)
  • In the evaluation of psycho- social accompaniment of political refugees ( B. Mann, 1981, 1983, 1984, 2007)
  • In the analysis of the legalization of Home care with regard to developments in the Social Code Book V ( B. Mann, 1994, 1996 )
  • In the analysis to quality management in home care ( B. Mann, 1998)
  • In epidemiology, the care of aging people with disabilities in nursing homes - at the level of a welfare association ( B. Mann, 1987, 1988, 1990) and at the level of health coverage for the Federal Republic of Germany ( B. Mann, 1993)
  • In the study of hospital Sociology ( B. Mann, 2004)
  • In the health sciences analysis of violence in the context of global report "Violence and Health" of the World Health Organization ( B. Mann, 2006)
  • In the reception of bioethical challenges ( B. Mann, 2008).

Writings (selection )

Man is author of about 100 scientific publications (Editor, monographs, essays, reviews ) publications with Dr. Kramer, Dr. Hänsel - Hohenhausen, sink, Rita G. Fischer, Haag Herchenhain, Hans Huber, Hartung - Gorre, Leske Budrich, Juventa, Lucius & Lucius, Monduzzi Editore, R. Oldenbourg Verlag, Springer, Studies social Science and Political Education as Thieme and published reviews on the internet. Selected writings are:


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