Bernhard von Lindenau

Bernhard August von Lindenau ( born June 11, 1779 Pohlhof, Altenburg, † May 21 1854 in Pohlhof, Altenburg ) was a German lawyer, astronomer, Minister and patron.


Lindenau was the son of Johann August von Lindenau, on Mr. Pohlhof, Windischleuba and Nobitz, Saxony- old burg shear Appellationsgerichtsrat and landscape director. He studied at the University of Leipzig Jura, from 1798 he worked as a civil servant in the Duchy of Saxe -Gotha -Altenburg, first in Altenburg, from 1801 Kammerrat in Gotha. Here are his astronomical studies began at equerry of Hardenberg and finally at Franz Xaver von Zach on the Seeberg observatory.

In 1804 he had to take over on an interim basis with the departure of Zach's the observatory. After a split in Altenburg, he was appointed by Duke Augustus of Saxe -Gotha -Altenburg director of the observatory. He had close contact with Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was several times on the Seeberg. After 1813, the observatory had been plundered by the French, he took in the same year as adjutant-general of the Duke Carl August of Saxe- Weimar -Eisenach part in the war of liberation. He was seriously wounded in a duel in Paris.

From 1815 to 1818, he published the magazine of astronomy and related sciences. During this time (1817 ) he was, however, recalled to government service and had to take leave from astronomy.

In 1820, he became Minister and Privy Councillor in Gotha and had IV from 1822 for the illness irresponsible Duke Frederick take over the business of government, which he in Gotha popularly earned the nickname " Duke Bernhard". Through his careful work, the ducal house remained until the death of Frederick in 1825 to act.

After following the reorganization of the Thuringian duchies Lindenau entered 1827 in the service of the Kingdom of Saxony. First envoy to the Bundestag in Frankfurt am Main, in 1829 he went to Dresden, where he became a member of the Privy Council in 1830 and Cabinet Minister and after introduction of the first Saxon constitution on December 1, 1831 Chairman of the newly created Ministry total. In this capacity he worked until his retirement in 1843.

Lindenau has received numerous honors for his scientific and political activities and was a member of several scientific societies. For Franz Xaver von Zach he remained until his death in 1832, the legal advisors and asset managers. From this he formed the Lindenau - Zachsche Foundation for the promotion of young artists and technicians. In Altenburg from his art collection was the Lindenau - Museum.

From May 18 until September 18, 1848 he was attached Members of Saxe-Altenburg in the Frankfurt National Assembly. He was a member of, among others, the Rules Committee and served as the second oldest member in the opening session.

He died on May 21, 1854 75 years old in Pohlhof, the manor of his parents and grandparents. At his funeral, sent the city of Dresden and the Royal Saxon Society of Sciences in Leipzig deputies.

The asteroid ( 9322 ) Lindenau was named after him.